The ultimate keepsake box! 

The box you see pictured was created in painstaking detail for a client as a gift to his girlfriend, to immortalize her childhood home. I sought out an expert woodworker to custom craft the box out of poplar wood to the client's specifications (he requested 20" x 15" x 8"), and then we got to work. He sent me images he had sneakily snapped without his lady love's knowledge, and I recreated them as "photographs" that have been haphazardly "pinned" all over the sides of the box. 

The front view of the beautiful Cape Cod home adorns the front of the box, the street view on one side, and an image of the lush green backyard on the other--with the central rock and the wee soccer net as important sentimental details! 

Once you make your way around the box, we enter the house on the back side with the warm, homey family room. Here is where I was able to incorporate lots of personal details: the white rabbit was a special request, as were the photo collage on the wall, and the specific books on the coffee table. 

Each "photo" looks as if it was fastened to the box in a different way: glue-on corner tabs, thumbtacks, even a couple of round-headed sewing pins!

For the top of the box, the client requested the address (cropped out for privacy) and a special quote, which I hand lettered in a "carved" style, giving it a truly three dimensional look. 

This box is infinitely customizable, from its size to the type of wood to the subject matter--whatever treasured images you want to capture! Price reflects a box of these dimensions, will scale if you choose a different size.

To take advantage of the free shipping offer, just send me a message from the contact page, telling me which box design you are interested in. I'll send you back an invoice, and voila! The box is almost yours!

Your own personal enchanted forest,

on a forever-keepsake Treasure Box!

This box was tailor-made with original artwork for a special little girl to keep her treasured keepsakes in, and includes every one of her favorite magical creatures. A tall tree stands in the foreground, with tiny fairy houses nestled in its branches--along with a few of its residents. The tree's base, it turns out, is hollow...and filled with treasure. Golden coins, emeralds, and a beautiful jeweled necklace are all safely tucked away in the little hiding spot, and are guarded by vigilant warrior-fairies, on the backs of their battle-trained hummingbirds. 

Near the tree is a fairy ring of mushrooms, with a few fairies in attendance, near a field of daffodils (the child's birth flower). A frost fairy blows her frozen breath around the corner of the box to create a winter wonderland for her friends. There, one fairy is trying to master ice skating; another is building a snowman; and their squirrel friend is building...a snow squirrel? 

On the back of the box the stream flows past a weeping willow, as a graceful white unicorn dips its head for a drink. Tracing the stream's path leads you around the corner to its source, a peaceful lake with a stone rising from its depths, perfect for an otherworldly mermaid to bask in the sun.


Small box, rectangle or cube: $69

We all collect treasures, small objects that trigger memories of places, events and times that we don't ever want to forget. In my house, these treasures might be fragments of fossils, polished rocks, small sparkly things, sea glass, coins from far off lands...little pieces of wonder. Treasures this special deserve an equally special resting place, one that will become a treasured memento in its own right.

I will tailor your keepsake box to specifically reflect what is special and meaningful to you or your child. Imagine a hand painted engagement box, to collect small mementos that chart the journey to your big day. Or a special box painted with scenes from a beloved vacation, filled with the ticket stubs, sea shells, and other bits and pieces that will take you right back to that moment. Each box is an original design, hand painted in minute detail. I use all non toxic acrylic paints and sealers.

The solid hardwood boxes are handmade by Designcraft Industries. Shown are the cigar box style, dimensions 12" x 8" x 3", and a longer, deeper style, dimensions 13 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 4". Both are made out of solid poplar, are hinged, and are of the highest quality construction. Additional sizes and woods are available for additional cost, just ask!

Choose between an all-over, comprehensive design (such as the fairy or underwater adventure boxes pictured) or featured "panels" on top and along both short sides (such as the soccer scene pictured). Prices are scaled according to the scope of the design. For comprehensive designs, I can also incorporate one or two elements inside the box (such as the megalodon tooth pictured on inside of underwater adventure box). Personalization is always included, either incorporated into the design or featured across the front of the box. Let's plan something wonderful!

Top & Sides design: $250

All-over design: $350


Large Treasure Boxes

These large treasure boxes, handmade out of poplar wood, measure a generous 18" x 10" x 10". Handles can be laser  cut into the sides at no extra charge, to make toting them around even easier! Both designs can be customized with personal elements--favorite animals, birthstones and flowers, inside jokes, little details that will make it uniquely meaningful to you or your child.

​​Imagine your very own zoo, filled with your favorite animals, on a one of a kind treasure box made just for you! The box top shows the zoo's grand entrance, guarded by a noble bald eagle, and a very curious giraffe. A couple of monkeys are hanging out in the large tree, beneath which a deer stands in a small patch of lilies-of-the-valley (Ever's birth flower). The deer is gazing over at a raccoon and chubby little squirrel, who are having a snack of yummy acorns. A sign behind the raccoon points to the next attraction...the aquarium! 

Turning the corner of the box, you see a large aquarium filled with colorful corals and tropical fish--with a very alert black and white cat watching them intently...I wonder what she's thinking? A dolphin is leaping out of the water just to say hello, and as you turn the box again,  you see a sea turtle and a land tortoise engaged in some intense conversation through the glass wall, while a mama rhino and her baby amble peacefully down the path. As you turn the corner again, a camel paces by in the distance, a mama kangaroo and her joey stop to check *you* out, and a couple of rabbits decide to see if lilies-of-the-valley taste as good as they smell.


Free shipping for a limited time, anywhere in the US!

​(offer applies to small boxes only)

New small boxes!

These eye-catching boxes are just right for tabletop accents or desk organization. Beautifully hand made for me by Designcraft Industries out of solid poplar wood, in either a 4" cube or a 3"x6" rectangle, with a lift-off lid, these conversation-starters feature some of nature's craziest insects (with their scientific names), colorful sea creatures that look like they're coming right out of the box, some of California's cutest state critters, and a gorgeous new series of birds and poetry! I'm always thinking of new subjects, so check back frequently to see what else I come up with!

One of a Kind Hand Painted Keepsake Boxes