First up: Ethan the Half-Elf Wizard. This studious misfit tends to have a lot of spell misfires--I mean a LOT--which means he occasionally needs to seek solace (of the liquid sort). When he's not sure which way to go, he consults his crystal ball...or he just sends his familiar, Raven, around that dark corner of the dungeon, where the weird noises are coming from, to check things out. What could possibly go wrong?

Now this one may require a little explanation...

See, this box was created for a husband and wife, who asked if I could merge their love of D&D with their fierce football rivalry.

Gauntlet thrown, challenge accepted.

The result: a world in which their two favorite teams have been transformed into fighters, thieves, archers, paladins, and wizards, vying against each other in their quest to reach the holy relic at the top of the mountain (which may or may not resemble a certain iconic sports trophy). Football helmets become knight's helmets, wizards throw football-shaped fireballs, and the team digs in (with barricades and razor wire) at the 50 yard line. Anything can happen. Stay sharp out there.

For the record, I do NOT claim to be an authority on role-playing games--sure, I've played a few video games (Diablo II and Neverwinter Nights rock...just saying) , and maybe I'm married to a former old-school D&D gamer...but I'm not an expert. I do have some idea of the difference between a half-elf and a halfling, however, and I can appreciate the deep enthusiasm shared by so many for the genre. 

My Mission: to interpret characters of dedicated gamers on custom boxes, to hold arcane paraphernalia, top-secret gaming supplies, and lots of many-sided die. 

Game On!

Customized boxes for the gamer who has everything....

Enter Arviss, the rough-edged (human) ranger with a heart of gold!  He may grumble about it (a lot), but he can always be counted on to help bail Ethan out of a tight spot (or dungeon). He's got his green dragon scale armor, his bow, and his Longsword of the Crescent Moon, so he's ready for any fiendish foul play the Dungeon Master can dream up. Bring it.

Top & Sides Custom Design: $250

Top & Sides Custom Design: $250

All-over Custom Design (with or without world-building): $350