Your life, your hobbies, your inside jokes, all immortalized on a forever piece of furniture that's actually useful!

The cabinet pictured was tailored to one client, so depicts all the most meaningful elements of her life. Her family splits their time between a house in Southern California and a cabin in Mammoth, so obviously the cabinet is equally devoted to beaches and mountains! Her backyard pool, where her family loves to gather for barbecues, is pictured on one side, which then flows (with the help of some flowering vines) into her front door, standing open with the welcoming committee waiting to great you--that's Fletcher, her beloved basset hound who crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago.

Those same vines wrap around the front of the cabinet, framing an iconic view of Newport Beach, CA, on the left cabinet door. If you look close enough, you'll see some doting grandparents watching over their frolicking grandkids! The summery greenery gives way to snowy pines on the right cabinet door front, with a scene of the pristine Mammoth slopes, and a pair of red skiis standing ready. As the pinecones and fir trees wrap around the other side, a majestic moose looks on as the family's red SUV tackles the mountain roads. 

Finally, as one last nod to family lore, the client gave me words and phrases that represent inside  running jokes--some of them spanning generations--that are hand painted along the front edge of the warm red cabinet top.

Cabinet has two adjustable shelves inside, so it's actually useful! Dimensions are 34" tall by 47" wide, with a 12.8"" depth.

So...imagine a cabinet like this, but tailored to YOU! What magical moments would you want to immortalize? What crazy family legends or running jokes would make you giggle for years? Send me digital photographs of your favorite haunts, and let's get to work telling your story!

As always, I find unfinished hardwood pieces, and paint them with non-toxic acrylic paints and sealers in a smoke-free environment. All pieces are signed and numbered for authenticity.

Custom projects, contact me for details

Repurposed cabinet doors:


Child's Western Rocker: $650


Old cabinet doors get a new life and art!

A local church was remodeling its kitchen, demolishing everything right and left...and there were all these great old doors, destined for the dumpster?? Not on my watch, buster! Instead, I found a recipe for make-your-own chalkpaint, and got down to work. These newly-reimagined pieces of wall art are  brimming with color, pattern and architectural elements. Each piece is one of a kind, and is hand distressed to look aged and worn, with my signature trompe l'oeil accents, and original hinges intact--you could even hang them by the hinges! They are sealed with wax finish for a smooth texture, and are intended for indoor use--but if you'd like one for outdoors, contact me, and I can custom paint a design for you, with a weather-resistant sealer. These doors are limited to what I have on hand--when they're gone, they're gone!

Paisley's Round-Up...

This table and chair is a vintage set handmade by the client's grandfather. When she had a little girl of her own with a really cute name, she gave it to me to transform. I interviewed the dickens out of her to get every detail I could...

So the resulting story (my pieces always have a story…I’m a little obsessive that way) is a break taken at the end of a trail ride, on a breezy day that keeps the edges of the big pink bandana-print cloth fluttering–that’s why the worn leather hat is lying there, to keep the whole thing from flying clean away! The cowpoke has thoughtfully brought along a snack for the trusty old paint, and a healthy one, too–an apple and a handful of blueberries. The chairs are made just a little more comfortable for tired, saddle-sore posteriors with a nice piece of cowhide tacked down with brass rivets. And there’s no confusion about who sits where, either: one chair reads “Paisley Blue,” the other says “Paisley’s Pal."

Although this set was painted using the client's own heirloom, it could easily be translated onto a new, unfinished set. Let's talk.

There's a new deputy in town...

This sturdy rocking chair was custom made for a baby shower gift...the theme? Cowboys, of course!

Carefully hand painted to coordinate with the bedding pattern chosen, the piece incorporates the main colors of the room--denim blue and barn red. The saddle is cleverly painted to perch atop the chair back--laid down there at the end of a long ride, no doubt--with the child's name "tooled" right into the "leather".

No cowboy is ever without his trusty rope, and it loops over the chair back next to the saddle, the deputy badge pinned to it for safekeeping. The seat is "cowhide"--naturally, what else would a fashionable cowboy use? Sized to accommodate a child up to about age 5, this chair will see young Travis through many a rodeo for years to come!

This piece will be custom created just for you once you place your order, and includes free personalization with your child's first name. Each piece is signed and numbered for authenticity. Please contact me for additional details on customized pieces (additional fees may apply) and let's see what treasure I can create just for you!