California Dreamin' accent table...

Riffing on the Travel Table theme...this beautiful side table reflects the heart of Southern California, with all the elements that we (its residents, past and present) love about it! The table top features a weathered compass rose in black and white. A small shelf at the bottom continues the black and white theme with a distressed harlequin pattern. Hand lettered phrases that epitomize Southern California life scroll down the legs of the table, each one something different: California Dreamin', Golden State of Mind, Sun, Sand & Sea, and Endless Summer. Each of the four apron segments feature a scene from a different beloved California locale: Huntington Beach pier and the Pacific Ocean on the front drawer (even the drawer pull is painted to blend seamlessly with the scene); Saddleback Mountain, an orange grove, and the Katie Wheeler library; Balboa Peninsula featuring the pavilion, the Fun Zone and a photobombing sea lion; and Mission San Juan Capistrano with its lovely gardens.

This table is truly a one of a kind tribute to my beloved So Cal, and would make a stunning end table, bedside table, or, with a large glass top added (not provided), even a dining table!

Table price range:  $2500-3000

Stools: $450 each 

Custom Painted Travel-themed Dining Table and Stools

Where you shared your first kiss. Your idyllic honeymoon.

Your first family vacation. 

These are the places where we leave--or find--our hearts.

Now take those places that call to you so strongly, and imagine them greeting you at your kitchen table each morning!

The table you see pictured was conceived as part of a kitchen set. For this particular family Los Angeles holds great significance, so scenes from L.A. flow around the skirt of the table, with palm trees, the San Gabriel mountains, and just a few historic landmarks! The simple, classic creamy white and aged black motif of the table offer a wonderful backdrop to the vivid scenery.

The compass-themed tabletop keeps you pointing toward true north, the diamond-patterned table base features artist-rendered passport stamps, and each leg bears wishes for safe travel--in three languages! This design makes a charming accent table, or kitchen table, or a unique, guaranteed-to-start-a-conversation dining table.

The kitchen stools feature the family's favorite destinations, each pictured on a stool: Boston, Paris, London, and Hong Kong. Each city contains elements chosen by the client for very personal reasons--like the park in London where their daughter loves to play, or the carousel in Paris where they spent a golden afternoon. In each case, I took the sights and landmarks that had meaning for them, and distilled them into one image, to transport them back to a happy moment and a magical place. This design idea can easily be adapted to full-sized dining chairs instead of stools!

The customization possibilities for this piece are limitless...colors, destinations,'re in the driver's seat! Let's start a conversation, and see where we end up!

Price: $700