Whimsy and function, a perfect pairing!

Solid hardwood dining chairs are perfect for use as desk chairs or to add flair and whimsy as accent chairs--or what the heck, use them as actual dining room chairs! Crazy idea? Just perhaps! However you purpose them, these chairs are popular with adults, or will grow with a child for years of use--from the play room to the dorm room!

Lara Eve Designs custom hand painted chairs are tailored to your life!

Try  the Lulu, featuring a whimsical ribbons n' bows theme, with a charming trompe l'oeil tufted cushion on the seat. Customization possibilities include floral themes, butterflies, jewelry, and more.

Or if a beach groove is more your style, choose the Jack, the Ben, the Tommy, or the Gidget--with surfboards, Hawaiian prints, or lapping waves, and the occasional lurking crustacean (very well trained, don't eat much, won't pinch your fingers).

How about a Life Story chair, with details culled from your life and loves? Whatever you're passionate about, I will find a way to tell your story. Powdered donuts and football? Dogs and trains? Tell me what you love, and I'll paint you a story!

Personalization is always free, and if you don't see the perfect chair for you, I welcome custom orders. Contact me today to start planning your new piece of Useable Art!

Contact me for shipping options.

Price range: $850 to $1200

Lara Eve Designs Custom Hand Painted Chairs