Behind the Scenes of Lara Eve Designs Custom Hand Painted Furniture

Hi, I'm Lara! I started painting on furniture semi-accidentally  (I know, how does that happen?) a decade and a half ago, as a baby shower gift for a cousin. I discovered right then that creating my artwork on a three-dimensional "canvas" is both challenging and inspiring, and my useable art was born.

I always start with high quality, solid hardwood items manufactured by companies such as Whittier Wood, Maywood Shops, and Designcraft Industries. I find inspiration in the shape of the piece or the needs of the client (or both), and imagine up an original design that I hand paint in meticulous detail.

As a mother, I know the value of beauty AND function. I find painting for children particularly rewarding--they constantly unlock my own imagination in new ways. My art is not just for children,'s for anyone with a sense of whimsy and wonder!

Pulling from my background in theater and literature, I approach each project as if I were setting a scene, telling a story. I'm always looking for new ways to reflect my clients' interests and passions in a piece that becomes part of the fabric of their life--a chair they sit in every day, a table that gets covered in breakfast crumbs, a footstool their child stands on to brush their teeth. A treasure they use, every day.

When you order a piece from me, I undertake every facet of its creation by hand, in minute detail. From the concept of your design, to the execution of artwork, to the final coats of sealer, I will give my full attention, imagination and skill to make you a piece of art that will become a part of your life. This process of course takes some time--often 8-10 weeks, longer on larger and more intricate designs. It's worth the wait!